An In house digital marketing team or a digital marketing agency?


It’s a huge decision and we could all use some help.


In this blog, we have compared the pros and cons of inhouse marketing against a digital marketing agency. We are hoping you find this useful.



 CommunicationOn any given day, it’s easy to walk up to a colleague and give them inputs, or have a discussion with a team to get them on the same page.


Quick fixes on an ongoing project become easy. Iterations don’t take much time because the teams work out of the same office space.

If an agency handles marketing for you, there is going to be a little extra effort involved in communication.


Some agencies might come over to your place for discussion while others might expect you to drop by their offices.


Even during the projects, you can expect to have emails flying to and fro exchanging opinions and inputs.

Vision and valuesAn in house team is already in the same page as you when it comes to your company’s vision and closely held values.


This understanding or alignment becomes very important as you carry out any marketing, or more specially branding activities.


Because at the very core of all branding is your vision and values of how and why you want to achieve it.



It’s not that you can’t get an agency to align with your vision or values. You definitely can.


But not every agency will work hard enough to blend in your values into everything they do for you.


However, a good agency will proactively understand where you come from, what values you hold, why they are important to you AND communicate those values very intricately in your marketing or branding projects.

Domain expertiseYour in house team is definitely soaked in the knowledge and trends about your domain.


They can always unintentionally eavesdrop on conversations about what’s happening in the team, in the domain, in your products or services.


They have access to your long term business plans. They know your customers first hand and understand their challenges more intimately from dealing with them day after day.


Theirs is the kind of inside-out knowledge that has been built over time.

Though an inhouse team can kick ass when it comes to their own domain, they might not be able to match up to the expertise that an agency brings from handling variety of businesses and challenges.

If you are startup or in other words, a new comer, it’s all the more reason to consider an agency because  they can quickly add marketing expertise to your company.


Also, an inhouse team, after a certain period of time is conditioned to think in a certain way. They could always use a fresh breath of air from the agencies.


An agency can bring fresh perspectives, they can foresee risks and challenges from a third person’s point of view.


Beyond all that, a good agency will be ready to put in groundwork to learn even the tiniest details of their customer’s domain, and go as far as bringing their own insights to the table.

CostsWhile doing the math, you have consider if you current digital marketing need is a short term one or long term/ recurring one.


If it’s not a recurring need. You should blinding go with an agency.


The cost of setting up, training, and maintaining a digital marketing team is too high when compared to outsourcing a few projects.


The costs also involve costs of purchasing or subscribing to other marketing tools.

Also, in house teams feel relatively less responsible for outcomes, while they take complete responsibility for doing what needs to be done.


For example, they might get the marketing assets ready and run campaigns but might feel the pressure to deliver results.

An agency on the other hand, will give you a clear ROI, show you beforehand what metrics they are going to impact and how.


They work with a single motive to deliver great results because their businesses run on the satisfaction of clients.


Also, you don’t need to hire great experts or invest in premium level services or tools, because many agencies give you access to them.


Plus, agencies give you a competitive edge by introducing you to the latest trends and tools and hacks in the digital marketing realm.


Sometimes, to optimize your digital marketing, costs you might have to split your marketing activities into those that need to be outsourced and that those that have to be handled in house.

Long term impactEven though your in house team may lack expertise or bandwidth to handle your current digital marketing needs, you have to invest in grooming them and growing them.


Even if you outsource most of your work to an agency, you need people who understand what you need from the agency, and communicate it to them.


You need inhouse heroes who will give you undivided attention at all times.

Over a period of time, your agencies grow loyal to you. They also understand your business better and want to work with you passionately.


Though they don’t give you undivided attention, they do offer a 24/7 supervision, and exclusive account managers to work closely with you.

ScalabilityIt’s hard to quickly scale a in house team. Especially, if you are still figuring out the nature of your business and the challenges you might encounter.


But for long term plans, it’s always nice to have a team that grows with you.

It depends entirely on the agency. Some agencies try to grow with their clients while others choose to continue serving clients of a particular size.


But you can always find an agency that fits a company of your size. So scaling isn’t a big deal.


When it comes to ambitiously scaling to achieve certain marketing goals that are time bound, agency is your way to go.



If you need any further help as you make the decision, feel free to drop a email at …….. Or feel free to drop a comment and we’ll respond.



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