The answer is it doesn’t directly impact, but yes it influences. Is there anything social media has left unturned? No.

Matt Cutts, the former head of Google’s web-spam team, said ‘Google doesn’t factor in social media signals for search engine results’. Ouch! Anyway, despite Matt saying that, you can’t scratch out that social media can affect or influence ranking when used with a little prudence.

Why Google, Why?


Every Time someone types into the Google search bar, Google scans the entire internet like a super-fast robot and lists the results (in the order of their relevance and reliability).

In this process, Google doesn’t use signals as a ranking factor because people can edit their social media content any time. If changes are made at the same time as the search, Google can throw a social media page based on old information (which doesn’t exist anymore). Considering social media’s dynamic nature and other loopholes, Google leaves social media out as a ranking factor.


But you can’t.

social media activities around the world infograhic


2.27 billion People are on Facebook and an another 326 million on Twitter – you can’t deny the power they have over everything in today’s world. The mass influence that social media has on customers and their buying behaviour has grown through the years and will not stop any time soon. In many ways, social media presence and engagement impact Google’s search results.


In this blog, we discuss the various ways through which you can leverage your social media pages for search engine ranking.


How Social Media activities help your search engine ranking

A strong social media presence is a sign of trust: – If your business has a credible profile with a lot of followers and interactions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, people trust you easily. Google wants to throw the best results for a search query and your social media prominence is a factor to show yourself as the best in your business category.

Action plan: – Grow a strong following by providing valuable and engaging content on your social media pages. Building a follower base can take time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run.

Traffic through backlinks from social media sites backs up direct traffic: –

The traffic to your website and the average time spent on the site determines whether it will rank in the top results or somewhere down the “no one cares to click me” lane. You can use impressive content on social media to route your followers to take a peek into your website. People will share what they like. Meaning, more traffic.

Action Plan: – Use the links in your social media posts to drive traffic to your website. Don’t miss out on using links in your signature posts like cover photo, profile picture or even in your bio section.

Great Quality topped with aggressive promotion: –

A brand like Nike doesn’t get to the top with just marketing but also because of their exceptional product line. People buy what’s valuable and spread the word about it on the social world, if it’s something they are proud to own or show off. If people talk about you, Google can’t ignore.

Action Plan: – Focus on creating and marketing ideas, products and content that your consumers love, eventually Google will come around. Cook your products well and then top them with engaging promotions and you will serve success in no time.

Add Social media share buttons to your website content: – If your website visitors like a content in your website, spare them the pain of cutting, ctrl X and ctrl V. Put up social media share button, make your products and content shareable. More shares, more traffic and more traffic means you going up Google ranking ladder.

Action Plan: Keep the share buttons visible. Make sure they work. Run a poll on your website for visitors to find out their favorite social media channels and make sure you use them. Because favorite social channels differ depending on the nature of business.


Image: Website share buttons

Viral marketing kills you competitors: – What goes viral on social media, gets the podium. No explanations, No arguments. Viral is how nobodies have become Superstars overnight. Going viral gets more job done than you can imagine. What’s viral, what people are seeing and searching touches Google’s heart like no other.

Action Plan: – The only secret to going viral is to keep trying, you don’t know what will take off. Understand your audience and study what strikes chords with them. Develop engaging videos or content that has the power to go viral on social media. You can also re-purpose content that is already viral if it’s relevant to your business.

How to stand out in Social media: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnDoeWn8mj4

Engage, involve and inspire people: –

Don’t have social media profiles or pages for the sake of it. Involve, interact and inspire people. Add value to their lives in everything you do. As you talk to more people, you will grow a thriving customer base. Before you know it, Google will notice how people prefer you over competitors and drag you up the ladder.


Action plan:-

  • Create/curate and post valuable content regularly (how about a minimum of 4 times a week?),
  • Drive your followers to some action (Share/ Follow this link/ Click here),
  • Respond to comments swiftly.
  • If you are using paid Facebook ads, keep track of what’s engaging and not. Change what you offer based on preferences.
  • Videos-first, images-second and text- third is the key for more engagement.


Everyone can use a little help: A marketing agency can help you run the extra miles, you can’t run by yourself. At Piqued, we help our customers strengthen their social media presence.


What More?

Google’s algorithm will keep shifting shapes. They might change their mind about social media or not. It doesn’t matter, beneath everything, your social media activities are impacting your search engine ranking.

On the other hand, social media itself is on an algorithm of its own, and has an impact of its own. We’ll save that for another post.


If you need more light on using social media, our team at Piqued will be willing to help you. Feel free to drop us a email at upgrade@piqued.in .