How to be locally found on Google?

Attention.Small businesses…


Every second 40,000 people are searching on Google.


Google has almost overpowered Internet as a term. From simple questions like “how to make an omelet?” to life-altering questions like “the symptoms of cancer?”, Google is our source for the answers we need day in and day out.

With Google being the most vital platform for businesses, “Be found in Google search” becomes a part of top 5 things all business should do.

Did you know?: – Google was called “Backrub” at first. Thank goodness they renamed their project or else we would be saying-“Backrub that” and “Backrub this”.

Before a business grows and turns national and global, it has to win the local market. To win the local market, you need to be on Google. Buckle up, as I unveil to you the top ways to be found locally on Google.


Put up a name, address and phone number:

How do people you are real and exist? Put your details up there. Give them a name to know you by and way to contact you. Submit your name, address and phone number. I won’t choose a business with no data or improper data, no one will.

If you have not tried your hands at Google My Business, then do it now, to develop a strong presence on Google search. Here is a step-by-step guide from ‘Hubspot’ on setting up your business on Google My Business: –

Locate yourself to be found: – To be found by local customers on Google, you need to submit your exact map location to Google maps. When your location is added to the Google database, your business will pop up for searches made in your locality for your business category or a product you sell.

For instance, if you have a car service business in adyar, you can register your location on Google with information that you do car services including car towing. If someone has a car breakdown and searches on Google “Car towing services in adyar”, your business information will show up. You get to tow the car and repair the car, double treat.


Google Maps is the most used navigation service and it will help people get to your place smoothly. Here is a survey report proving the supremacy of Google Maps-


Source: –


Get people to write reviews about you: – People google for what other people are saying about your service or store before they try it first-hand. Encourage existing customers to share their experiences and write online reviews for you.

An incredible experience alone won’t get your customers to talk about it. Offer them a gift card, or a free cupcake or whatever it takes for them to write a quick review – incentivize your customer.

Quality Products + Good Customer service>>>>>Encourage your customers to leave reviews>>>>>Provide offers on dropping reviews>>>>>A bag full of good reviews that increase visibility on Google search.

Here is a guide to get more reviews on Google:-

Be a mobile-friendly business: –

People are more likely to look up your business using their mobile phones because it’s the quickest thing they can access. So while designing your website, don’t forget to optimize it for mobile or have an exclusive mobile site.

Google has a online free tool that will run a test on your website and tell you whether it’s mobile friendly or not. It will also provide the errors in your website that you can rectify to a provide a better experience to your visitors. Here are a few meatballs to chew to be mobile friendly:-

  • Simple design
  • Less loading time
  • Readable content


You can get into the smartphones of your consumers by building a strong social media presence. Gone are the days when people used mobile phones for talking, now the dominant purpose is social media use. That must leave you thinking, on how to stand stall in the social media world, which will lead you to get into the mobile phones of people and drive traffic to your website. Social media and Mobile friendly are synonymous.






Use the same language as those who are searching for you: –

Google throws search results based on your relevance to the searches people make. To increase your level of relevance, do a research on the words people use to search for businesses like yours, in the locality and use those words in your website content. Use the name of your area or city in connection with your business name and category, on every wall available to you. What more, you can even name your website with this in mind. Don’t worry about global branding, when your business takes off, it will take off too. We eat KENTUCKY fried chicken all over the world, don’t we?

Did you know: – The “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google search will take you directly to the webpage that tops your search results.

List your business on all the local business directories: –
Listing your business online on directories, will increase your probability of being spotted. Online directories also have a rating system like Google. If you get good reviews, you will be pulled up as the best in the category.

If you need further help along this line, don’t hesitate to drop a mail, we at Piqued would love to help you get locally found and loved.