Social Construct for Millennials

Millennials are special for many reasons. One of them being – They witnessed the birth of social media. They rode on Orkut before dumping it for Facebook. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are like family to them, irresistible and irreplaceable.

Who are these Millennials?

Also known as Gen Y, those have their birth year from 1981 to 2000 are considered as the Millennials. They are the young adults of this present generation, who can be proudly branded as the “social media generation.


Problematic or Profitable?

The Millennials are considered to be a mess to the society in many ways. We have a recent proof to that belief. Chennai is known for its wild new year celebrations- alcohol, drugs, bike stunts and beach crowd. 2019 new year celebration had nearly 130 bike accidents with 8 deaths. That’s a reputation builder for being a mess.


But there is an other side to the story. They stand up for social causes boldly than their previous generations and have a proper political worldview. The yummy topping to the story is this- they are the fav audience of  marketers and businesses.


Success is guaranteed, if you can win the hearts of the millennials.

Characteristics of Indian Millennials:-

You need to know them well to reach out to them. They are complicated but there some uncomplicated areas in them, which when focused can lead you to their hearts. Here a few characteristics of Millennials:-

  • Optimistic:- Indian Millennials are optimistic when compared with their previous generation.Studies show that 84% of Millennials expect to be happier than their parents. An optimistic customer is a good customer.
  • Digital Human:- Indian Millennials were exposed to the digital world from birth and saw it’s rise through their life. This has made them to have a special bonding for gadgets(especially their smartphones) and the internet. Even Indiana Jones can’t find a Millennial without a gadget.
  • Online Shopper:- Gen X would love to shop in the mall, Gen Z is yet to decide on shopping while Gen Y is hooked to Online shopping. From clothes to electronics, from groceries to services, Millennials have gone completely virtual.
  • Wise Spendthrifts:- You can’t judge them as being careless with money but if they love something, there is no stopping them. Even if they don’t have the money then to buy something, they choose the EMI option. Get them to like you and you will have them in your customer base. Don’t forget to give them a EMI option.
  • Short Attention Span:- The attention span of Millennials is so short that you will miss them if your ads have more content and if your videos are too long. They may even get offended and quit on you, if your payment process is a pain. If you work with their impatience in mind, you will be able to make a connection with them.



Millennials and Marketing:-

For years, marketers have been studying the views and habits of millennials to hook them to buy their products or services. They are considered as the winning horse of today’s market. Aged between 18 to 35, they have been targeted as the primary audience by most businesses.

  • 88% of people aged between 18 and 29 have said that they use social media.
  • 51% of people aged between 18 and 24 say it would be hard to give up social media.
  • The majority of Facebook users are aged 18 to 24 and 25 to 34, accounting to 29% of total users each- 58% totally.
  • 38 percent of Millennials surveyed say they have the latest gadgets.
  • 53 percent of Millennials(Non-IT) said one of their first three ways to solve a digital technology issue would be to look for an answer on the Internet.
  • 42 percent of Millennials use real-time messaging at work, 42 percent use social media and 32 percent use storage or sharing applications.


Social construct to hook Millennials:-

It is reported that Millennials spend an average 17 hours weekly on the internet and their favourite catch is the smartphone. They are online doing a like-hunt on Facebook, uploading selfie from their team dinner on Instagram and watching an instructional video on YouTube. Social media is their playground. They book a taxi and order food through a smartphone app. They are not like their Parents, Gen X, who just have one foot in the digital world.


If you want to hook Millennials, you need to study their minds.

The 5 baits of Millennial marketing:-

Marketing is like fishing. You don’t expect the fishes to come to you, you go to the place where the fishes are and you throw a bait with something the fish likes. Similarly to catch millennials, you need to go where they are and give them what they like. They are online, living in with their smartphones in social media land.


Now here are a few baits to hook them into your business:-

1. Cause Marketing

Millennials love to stand to up for causes. They are driven towards things that are bigger than their lives. Chennai’s revolutionary Jallikattu strike is a sample. If you can bring about a cause based campaign by partnering with a social service organisation, you can hook the hearts of Millennials.


Nestle partnered with an NGO called Nanhi Kali for a campaign called “Educate the girl child”. Nestle pressed a loud button in the hearts of people with this campaign. Nestle gots points in the minds of Millennials with this. Watch the video ad in which a little girl cuts her hair to look like her brother so that she will be able to go to school:-


Did you Know? “Cause Marketing” was actually coined during a campaign by American express in 1983.

2. Influencer Marketing:-

Millennials hate traditional ads but they don’t mind buying something if it’s promoted by their favourite social media stars. They think traditional ads are all lies but easily fall for influencers. You don’t have to pool in the stars of Bollywood, you just have to hunt down normal people who are social media stars and use them to promote your products. You will have Millennials knocking at your door in no time. Trust me.


Philips introduced a kitchen appliance called Air fryer in 2012 which stayed unknown to many until they pulled in Sanjay Thumma for the job. A YouTube star with a cookery channel, he started a show called “Philips Superchef” to increase awareness of the product among the consumers.

3. Referral Marketing:-

Millennials are skeptical of the ads that are thrown at them randomly but they are more likely to buy something when referred by their family and friends. In a market that is filled with fake products and low quality products, gaining trust has become a tough game. Trust can be gained indirectly by initiating a referral program.


Referral marketing is the art of encouraging your customers to tell their family and friends about your product. It is the art of turning a happy customer into a marketer. OLA, taxi service, used referral marketing to increase their customer base. They requested their early customers to refer their family and friends for free rides or rides with offers, and the result is a company that has grown into a giant. They are still using that bait to dominate the market.

4. Mobile Marketing:-

To win the hearts of the smartphone generation, you need to get into their phones. A mobile site and a mobile app can do wonders for your business like any other. Millennials hold their phones like their newly wedded wife- you can find them diving in even during their work time. What more, Millennials can’t stay away from their smartphones even when they have to visit the restroom.


Next to looking for a location and playing games, Millennials use their smartphones for shopping.


I’m hungry? Swiggy.

I need to buy a dress for my birthday? Myntra.

I need to book a cab? OLA.

I’m bored? Facebook.

I just took a cool selfie? Instagram.


SnapchatYoutubeGoogle MapsNetFlixPinterest
AmazonGmailGoogle PayAirBnBBanking App
Work related AppFitness AppTrelloMediumGoogle Doc

(An image table)

5. Chatbots:-

Patience is foreign to the Millennials. You may miss them, if you make them wait for days before someone from customer care responds to their queries. If you get their queries resolved instantly, you have a place in their heads. Chatbots can save you from losing impatient Millennials.


The term “Chatbots” is made of two words- “chat” which means conversing and “bots” which means robots. Chatbots are automatic, robotic chat applications that are used to engage with customers in real time.


A Chatbot in your website is good but a Chatbot in your Facebook page, now you’re cooking. Facebook lets you develop a chatbot with Facebook messenger in your page. Never forget the rule, you need to go where they are and they are on Facebook. Go get them there with a Chatbot.


Here is a guide on how to create a Chatbot on Facebook:-


Did you know? Facebook is the most searched word in Google.

6. Video Marketing:-

Video consumption is racing with food consumption in a world that has gone crazy over videos. YouTube is dear to the Millennials than a TV. They love watching short videos on Facebook over boring long posts. The success of Netflix and Amazon prime must teach you something.


Videos sell. Engaging Videos sell big. Get out a creative video ad, go live, go 3D. Hit the Millennials with videos and they will hit you back with profit.

  • 60% of millennials would choose watching a video over reading a newsletter.
  • 80% of millennials think videos help them during their purchase research.
  • 76% of millennials follow brands on YouTube.
  • 48% of Millennials watch videos only in their smartphones.

Here are few takeaways to make videos that can win the hearts of Millennials:-

  • Pick a catchy title.
  • Keep it Short and Engaging.
  • Keep it genuine. No fake info please.
  • Try your hands on creating videos that can go viral.



Did you know? YouTube is the second most searched word in Google.

7. Customer Reviews Marketing:-

Millennials have deeper trust issues not only in relationships, but also with businesses. Good reviews can pull their hearts like a super-power magnet. Millennials research about a product before going for it. If they can’t find good reviews online, they may not trust a particular product.


For example, if they are buying something on Amazon, their eyes scrolled down to the reviews section. Even after getting their eyes on good reviews under the product, their eyes have not yet reached the “buy now” button. They search out reviews on Google- a blog on the product and a review site may satisfy their hunger. They are smart, without good reviews in the market, you can’t get through to the Millennials.


Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews in your site and in other places, which can be a bait for new customers.

Diversity among Millennials:-

Millennials are seen as the golden goose of the business world. To get them to profit your business, you need to make your bullseye target and study them deeply. Winning their hearts also involves considering their inner differences.


Millennials are aged between 18 and 35. A 24 year old and 35 year old may not function exactly the same way. The former may have a prepaid mobile plan and the latter may have a postpaid mobile plan. The former may buy a product on EMI and the latter may NEFT the full price. Understanding the differences inside Millennials based on their age is vital to reach out to them.


Millennials also have differences based on their country of origin. Indian Millennials and Chinese Millennials will have their share of differences. Understanding these differences is vital, if you want to take your business to the global market.

So long

We believe you received enough information through this post to reach out to Millennials. We know that this not a “we know all things” blog post but if have any further questions on this topic, you can drop us a mail:-


Until we meet again, Happy Fishing…Happy Marketing!