Stay with your freelancer or upgrade to an agency? – Digital Marketing


The first step to deciding on whether you should stay with your freelancer or upgrade to agency is: DEFINING YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING GOALS.

“A goal well defined is half achieved” – Someone wise

Write down one, two or three goals you are trying to achieve through an agency or a freelancer. They could look something like the below:

  • We want to increase the number of leads by a 50%
  • We to convert at least a 40% of our leads to customers
  • We want to make a quick overview video within a week
  • We want to run PPC campaigns against customers
  • We plan to hire someone with expertise to consult with digital marketing decisions and plans
  • We would like to start aggressive digital marketing and need a team to handle it end-to-end

These are just a few examples. Your goal can be anything depending on your product/service and business model. Once you know your goals, use them to pick what you need to achieve it.

Here’s is quick table with six other valuable pointers to help you decide if you should stick with your freelancer or move on to an agency.


When to choose an agency over your freelancer?FreelancersDigital marketing agencies
If your company is rapidly growing.Marketing needs grow as the company expands. As you grow, there is a high possibility that your marketing goals and ambitions will outgrow a freelancer’s capacity and pace to deliver.An agency however can handle much larger organizations and marketing projects when compared to freelancers. They tend to bring in certain skills and knowledge that helps them adapt to the marketing goals of a growing company with minimum input.
If you need people with a greater business context to do the job.Freelancers usually have an expertise in a very specific area – Writing, video editing, graphic design, web design, analytics, etcThey can offer end-to-end expertise on everything required for marketing.


With their experience with various domains and clients, they bring in various marketing insights they have learned over hundreds of marketing-experiments.

Is cost cutting one of your major goals? What’s the nature of digital marketing work you have in mind?If you are looking at doing just a project or two, or running on a tight budget, a freelancer might be a good option. They will only charge for work they pick up to do.Agencies would prefer a 3 to 6 month commitment with a company because they will invest in researching, understanding and getting to know the product, domain and customers.

They also require this period to show some evident results.

If you want measurable outputs.Freelancers are skill-driven. They may be the best at what they do but might lack the skills to understand context and measure the impact of their work on business.Agencies are analytics-driven and give measurable results over the period of their work with you.
If you would like to increase the pace of your marketing activities.A freelancer works alone and might not have the bandwidth to stretch for ad hoc needs.An agency is thoroughly staffed and will work with you flexibly to accommodate your business needs.
If your domain or product requires a deeper learning curveIf you sell a product or service that involves a steep learning curve, you can expect your freelancers to keep coming to for industry advice or knowledge.

Also when you switch between freelancers, each one will have an exclusive learning curve.

Agencies usually do a research of their own and bring their own insights to the table. As they are in it for the long haul, there is a deeper sense of commitment and ownership.




If you decide to choose an agency, we have some direction on how and who to choose.(We can link our own blog here).

Feel free to add your two cents in the comments! We could all use some sage advice.

P.S: If you are letting your freelancer go, do it gently. Explain why you had to move on. Introduce them to other friends who could work with them. Write them a nice testimony on their website or an impressive recommendation on LinkedIn ! 🙂