Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends 2019 – Part II (What you should look for!)


PART II Continues..

3. Mobile Digital Marketing Trends

People spend at least 3.1 hours of everyday on their mobile devices. Not surprising. A survey reveals that 38% to 75% of the people take their smartphones with them even to restrooms. Smartphones have become too dear to common man. And that’s why digital marketing has to at all time keep ‘mobile’ in the equation..There are plenty of mobile marketing channels. We’ve picked the trending ones to discuss today.

Micro moments Trends

Micro moment is that moment in which a user turns to a smartphone/device to learn about something, do something, watch something, buy something or discover something. The last time you googled for a nearby restaurant or a mall or a DIY project – well, they were all micro moments.

Look at these numbers:

  • 30% of the overall Google searches are location-based
  • 28% of those mobile searches led to a purchase.
  • 76% of people who searched for something nearby end up visiting the place.
  • The past year has seen a 2.1X increase in mobile searches for “stores open now.”
  • There has also been a 1.3X increase in “where to buy/find/get” searches.”
  • According to Google, its users visit 1.5 billion locations every month based on something they came across in search results.

Businesses are taking advantage of micro moments to be found, loved and followed. And how do they do that? By being there for their users on mobile in their micro moments. It could be as simple as writing how-to articles for your product or pinning your restaurant into Google maps. The secret to winning in those moments is to show up, be quick and helpful.

Apps Trends (Playstore & iOS)

Food, Fashion, or my favorite TV show, I have an app for them all. Who doesn’t? Whether you are in a B2C business or B2B business, Apps make sure that your customers engage more often, more personally and grow a sense of loyalty. An IT admin wants to resolve his tickets on the move, a HR wants to process a candidate on commute, a marketer wants to post to his product’s social feed when on vacation – Apps have been making things like this possible and seamless!

An App is the fastest and easiest way in which a customer can interact with your store, or website, or a complex software product. And that’s why Apps have a tendency to become a part of everyday life unlike websites, softwares or real stores.

This is a glimpse of what people are doing on their mobile. You definitely want to be one of them.

Voice search Trends

According to ComScore, 50% of searches will be by voice before 2020. Google is already seeing a conversational style in search. That is, instead of searching for ‘Barack Obama Age’, people are now typing ‘How old is Barack Obama?. Voice search will bring people much closer to real conversations and maybe even beyond.

Google Home is just the beginning!

Image search Trends

A year ago Pinterest adapted and announced the visual search technology – Pinterest lens. When you spot something you want, just capture it with Pinterest lens app and Pinterest shows millions of options for where to buy it from. One year after the launch, Pinterest recorded a image search volume of 600+ million per month.


4. Website digital marketing trends

As websites still continue to be the face of businesses, here are some digital marketing trends that simply grew stronger through the year.

Chatbot Trends

Website chats are no more dry and slow conversations where you wait for days before someone responds. Companies are using them more proactively to cover marketing, sales, support and customer relationships. Chatbots are also used to offer customers demo slots or collect customer specifics like domain/ number of employees.


In fact, this year, Drift introduced a whole new role based on this – Conversation Development Rep! Source: – https://www.drift.com/blog/conversation-development-representative/

Localization Trends

Website localization becomes more and more important as businesses small, medium and big find opportunities to be present all over the world through the internet. It’s the process of adapting an existing website to the local language and the culture of the target audience. Most companies at least apply it to their pricing pages because you don’t want your customers doing math to figure how much your product costs.

Interesting fact: KFC’s ‘finger licking good’ was once translated in China as ‘Eat your fingers off’. But here’s the thing. Localization is not mere language translation; it’s truly adapting your website to the emotions, trends, culture, humor and livelihood of your target audience. Sometimes even the product usages are different from country to country. Localization is a worthy investment, especially for firms with round the globe customer base.


Shopping War Trends

The heat is on, as Amazon and Flipkart rage against each other in a battle for India. While every other online shopping site is lagging behind, these two giants are in a tough fight. They rain offers during festivals and during their special offer seasons to attract more customers to their sites. Who will win the Battle? Let’s wait watch.

Flipkart’s signature sale is called “Big Billion Days” and Amazon’s signature sale is called “Great Indian Sale”.


5. Product placement in movies

Products were subtly placed in movie scenes or placed prominently as a part of the story like GM motor cars in Transformers. Watch this trailer of ‘Ralph breaks the internet’ which hits the theatres as I write this blog. You will witness a handful of product placements in the trailer itself – Amazon, Snapchat, IMdb, eBay and more.


What’s cooking in India?

The overall Digital marketing trends stand mostly true for India as well. Here are some other trends worth the mention: More businesses entering TV ads. Seen Zoho’s chinna annachi ad? Watch out for more like it from businesses. This is also a classic example of localization.

Cinema ads gaining traction

India is cinema-loving country. Google trends report 2017 revealed that the most trending online search was for Bahubbali 2 in India last year, while the Indian premier league took the second stand next to it.

Are you wondering where I am going with that?

Here: Cinema ads are a way to go. Businesses can take more advantage of this in the coming years. Unlike with TV ads, where viewers can switch channels or look out of the window, at a theatre, their minds are more relaxed and prepared to receive.

Final Word?

As much we are all tempted in our heads to pick one of the two – offline marketing or digital marketing, they both go hand in hand. People spend huge loads of time online, but it’s important to note that still majority of purchases happen offline. You can’t actually separate one from the other. Online ads lead to offline purchases. Offline experiences lead to online reviews. They are intertwined in ways unimaginable.

A business has no choice but to be omnipresent. Only an integrated approach will help you withstand the test of time. All it will take is comment to let us know that you found this useful 🙂