How important is LinkedIn for a non-digital Career?

How important is LinkedIn for a non-digital Career?

People tend to wonder if LinkedIn is all suits and collars, and if it would ever work for someone pursuing a non digital career – chef, waiters, dancers, stand up comedians, motivation speakers or anybody that doesn’t work online. If you are one of them, read on!


Before we start, I would like to introduce you to some hot off the press LinkedIn stats. And that’s because only stats can help overcome misleading gut, intuition and opinion. Agreed?

And mind you, these numbers are ever growing. 🙂



I did a quick experiment to show if Housekeepers can find jobs on LinkedIn. Searched LinkedIn for Housekeeper jobs. And guess what? 796 results showed up.
Linkedin search
More reasons to believe in LinkedIn

  1. People are going to Google you.The first thing a recruiter does when they hear/see your name – Google you. And the first things that usually appear are your social media profiles. A LinkedIn profile is a shot at showcasing your expertise or excellence for the eyes of a recruiter.
  2. Your job may not be digital but a recruiter’s is.You may not be on a digital job space, but recruiters are and one of their go-to tools is LinkedIn. To be found by recruiters, you need to be where they are. Also, a LinkedIn profile is a more appealing alternative to traditional resume.
  3. More people will notice you.

A LinkedIn profile gives you an opportunity with companies and recruiters you don’t know face-to-face. It gives the professional side of you a wider digital presence. Meaning, more and better opportunities.

  1. LinkedIn’s the new-day classifieds for jobs.


It’s free. It’s organized. Does not use papers and saves trees. On a serious note, it’s the closest a job seeker can get to some of the best opportunities in the world.

  1. You can get lots of endorsements and recommendations.Your friends, colleagues, clients, bosses or just anyone can write you recommendations for the whole world to see. They can endorse your skills, highlight your strengths and make you very desirable to the recruiters!Not only that, endorsements and recommendations boost your confidence or hope, and encourage you to find a job that you truly deserve.
  2. Find inspiration and direction.


Yes, inspiration! You have the opportunity to meet a lot of people that are already where you would like to be – a company, position, certain level of influence, or just anything. You can go through their professional journey and be inspired – certifications, achievements, things people have endorsed/recommended them for, the jobs they took up, and all the things they did while they were at it.


You can also follow companies and personalities that inspire you, and get all kinds of updates.


Here is a short video on how to build a great LinkedIn profile:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGVh9P7mLUk


Here’s a story from Matt Henshaw to keep you up and inspired

Back in college, Matt was in a band called the censored. Though everything went well for them. Life caught up, after school they didn’t find the energy for all the music gigs.

In a few years, Matt had landed a job as a computer science sustainability research assistant. After seeing how LinkedIn helped on his job, Matt thought he should give his dream, that’s music, a shot on LinkedIn too.


That decision changed everything for Matt. People who knew him from school backed him up with endorsements and recommendations. Very quickly, people were reaching out to him for gigs, festivals and studio projects.


matt henshaw comebak tour

Matt Henshaw went on to win a gig at the Camden Roundhouse and the Elevator Music Festival.


With a profile on LinkedIn, you could have a story of your own.

LinkedIn is the new resume! Get yourself one and go find your dream job. May the recruiters be forever be in your favor.


That’s all for now. Next time you type in a question like this, we’ll be right back with an answer.