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With the advent of low-cost Internet, India is currently witnessing an exponential growth in online usage. Handling Google Adwords can prove to be tricky exercise as it involves tens of tiny moving parts. Our experts can help you set up, run and optimize every step of your Campaign so that you can enjoy the best value of every penny, by spending it on your target group. A Brand can identify and learn more about its core audience through SEM

Real-Time Tracking

The power of SEM Advertising lies in the immense control it offers its users. Unlike conventional advertising, SEM allows you to pause, stop or modify your Campaign. Our experts will devise the most appropriate strategy that befits your Marketing objective. Then the Piqued Team goes about creating the necessary content material. The Campaign is them set-up by Professionals with the know-how of the fine working of SEM. Now, role of the professional becomes crucial as we start to track the campaign in Real-Time. We then do a delicate but extremely efficient process of improving every step of the campaign while simultaneously optimizing the spends.

Digital Adverting literally rewards skill, creativity and expertise in the handling of various Marketing network and Advertising Avenues by serving your ads in the most cost-effective manner to a well defined audience.

Save Time and Money

At PIQUED , we stimulate innovative PPC campaigns to deliver the best reults to the clients. We analyze and work on the real-time data to help your business develop paid ad campaigns that reach your targeted customers. We conduct iterative up gradation of each ad to test it according to the set parameters. Our PPC experts test the campaign to make the best out of it by evaluating its CTR and Conversions. We create text ads and banner ads with the unique segmentation and the demographics.