A traditional PPC digital strategy is usually long term and is mostly budget based, now more digital strategies are short term and campaign based which focuses on the results and the reach. A good digital strategy will have both in place and will use a variety of online engagement methods.


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With advent of low-cost Internet, India is currently witnessing an exponential growth in online usage. PIQUED’s PPC strategists know how to harness search engines to increase brand recognition & recall. This will improve brand loyalty and maximize business opportunities.We perform activities such as SEO, PSI Analysis,Branding,Digital Marketing etc. We are always on the lookout for innovations and ways to integrate them in our strategies

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Piqued is the one stop digital marketing company for getting the simple, elegant and effective digital marketing campaigns. Simple yet creative idea is the core of all successful campaigns. We at PIQUED help create digital campaigns which connect to your audience. We create memorable campaigns that help generate results across earned, owned and paid channels.Digital advertising helps you to target the right people at the right time. We build your display advertising campaign targeting the right audience set. By understanding your core business and the audience most likely to interact with you, we build a campaign that drives the right people for you. Our PPC professionals spend time getting to understand the work that has been done and which areas are lacking. We put together a plan of action to ensure that each website is given a chance to succeed. We help take your brand to new heights. Our team of experienced professionals design digital banners and use them as effective visual ads for placement on the Internet. We support long-term growth through effective online advertising campaigns..

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136% ROI

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At PIQUED , we stimulate innovative PPC campaigns to deliver the best reults to the clients. We analyze and work on the real-time data to help your business develop paid ad campaigns that reach your targeted customers. We conduct iterative up gradation of each ad to test it according to the set parameters. Our PPC experts test the campaign to make the best out of it by evaluating its CTR and Conversions. We create text ads and banner ads with the unique segmentation and the demographics.

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